I'm Mr Plow...

... that's my name, that name again is Mr Plow!

It's been snowing all afternoon and evening. It's three past nine p.m. but the plow is driving back and forth outside our house! I love this bostadsrättsförening! (yes, I'm way too lazy to turn around, grab the dictionary and look up that word in the dictionary)
Also, some food-related stuff: If you happen to buy fresh basil now when it's cold outside, wrap it in a newspaper and out it inside your coat. Otherwise the basil freezes and looks terrible.
If I made my own Amortentia, it would probably smell of basil. And of my fiancée and Linus when they come out of the shower. And of something deep-fried with garlic. Oooh...
(I was going to post a YouTube video with Mr Plow here but I haven't got a

Nice little things

Yesterday I went swimming with mum, and guess what music they played in the locker room? The POTO soundtrack! The point of no return! :-D Våra kroppar förenas i lustans extatiska famntag...
Other things that make life easier:
My dishwasher. Love it.
My separate laundry room. (or whatever you call it)
Oh, they're not my stuff, they're actually our stuff. But they make us happy nevertheless.
Now: back to studying and writing a psychiatric nursing diagnosis. I can do it. Yes I can. It's not difficult at all! Go Gnillib, go Gnillib, go go go Gnillib!

A Merry Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year to all!
We've moved to our tiny house and have loads of things to unpack.
I really enjoy my practical period (or whatever you call it) at the psychiatric ward at Danderyd's Hospital.
My English sucks.
My throat feels weird again.
Snow, snow, snow!!!
We made Rocky Road sweets for Christmas. You put cashew nuts, mini marshmallows and Dumle toffee cut into pieces in a glass tin. Then you melt loads of chocolate and pour over the mixed stuff. Then you leave it in the fridge overnight, cut into pieces and eat like there's no tomorrow.


My voice is gone and we're moving to a new house on Saturday. And my head is getting heavier every minute. I feel so sorry for myself. *whines*

R.I.P. Floyd

The British super cook Keith Floyd has left us. Rest in Peace and give my grandfather a glass of wine if you happen to see him in Heaven!
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Asian fish, for crying out loud!

You have to try this. You just have to.
Fish cakes
350 grammes of white fish (for example coalfish), neatly chopped
2 teaspoons of fish sauce
1 egg
2 teaspoons of ginger (preferably fresh grated)
1 teaspoon of sambal oelek
Coriander (if you want more of this than what's already in the mashed potatoes)

Mashed potatoes with freshly chopped coriander

1½ decilitre of crème fraiche
Some lime juice
Grated skin from one lime fruit

Mix the ingredients for the sauce and leave in the fridge until the fish cakes are ready. Mix the ingredients for the fish cakes. Make cakes, coat them with bread crumbs and fry them in butter.  Serve the fish cakes with mashed potatoes and the cold sauce. Enjoy!

Children and chanterels

I'm at my parents' house since I will baby-sit their dog tomorrow. We have had fried chanterels on toast for dinner and it was the best thing I have eaten in days! I had forgotten that chanterels can be so tasty! From now on I will have chanterel toast for dinner as long as the mushrooms can be found.
Also, Linus has been so adorable. I took a bath with him tonight and he used the shower as a phone. ♥ So sweet!

My cat...

Inspired by arachnifiora, I will also post a picture of my cat.

This is Väsfräs, two years ago, at my mother-in-law's place. Väsfräs is eight years old now and beautiful as ever!

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